libSQL: How To Take SQLite to the Moon.

Friday 21 July, 09:00 - 10:00

SQLite is everywhere. The original implementation's stability and compatibility guarantees are hard to beat. It's one of the reasons why forks have come and gone. This session explores a new fork that consistently delivered fantastic works.

libSQL is one of the most fabulous forks ever of SQLite. It allows for features like user-defined WASM functions, a server mode with PostgreSQL wire protocol compatibility, virtual WAL and bottomless storage. This session dives into the modifications and features of libSQL and the new ways SQLite can be useful.

Prior knowledge of SQLite usage and internals is appreciated though not required. A hands-on demo of libSQL features will be provided. The session will also touch on the subject of how this fork is a different take by analyzing the motivation, team profile, and previous track record.