PWA on Steroids: .NET MAUI x Blazor

Saturday 22 July, 13:00 - 14:00

.NET MAUI is the successor to Xamarin Forms, now faster and more performant than before - and as close as it can get to native device capabilities.
Blazor is still widely regarded as being "web-based".

Bringing these technologies together allows developers to use their web-development skills to get into the mobile development world (with access to all the native device goodness!).

This session will dive into
- What is Blazor and .NET MAUI?
- What does .NET MAUI Blazor look like?
- Project structure and coding practices (opinionated)
- Developing a simple application using .NET MAUI Blazor
- Code sharing between Mobile Application and Web Application

Walk away from this session with a better understanding on how you can leverage your existing web development (and .NET) skills to enter the mobile development world.