Charlatan? Sweet talker? Tiktok guy? Who is the marketeer?

Friday 21 July, 11:00 - 12:00

The aim of this talk will be to demistify solution marketing to the tech audience. The introduction of this talk will be to explain what is solution marketing and what it is that a solution marketeer does.
The intro will thus focus on the big picture of marketing, including the creative work, the importance of the communication aspects, the technical aspects and where the solution marketeers fits in all of this.
The talk will then delve on three core ideas:
• Shifting from product to solution. Identify pain points of the end users. How to create a story for clients which focuses on the added value for the customer and not talking about the features of the product/solution.

• The Art of Communication
This part will focus on the importance of effective communication throughout the process. It will highlight on how to effectively communicate the value of solutions to the customer. Here strategies for crafting messaging that resonates with the end user will be discussed.

• Collaborating with Developers: Building Solutions Together
This part will focus on the experience of collaborating with developers to create holistic solutions that address real-world problems. This is crucial in order to develop integrated solutions that solve specific problems in a seamless and efficient way that help organizations streamline their workflows and improve productivity.

Ending remark. Marketing is beyond simply running ads and making tiktok videos. Modern businesses requires the modern marketeer, one who is able to craft a compelling story which triggers and answers on the needs of a customer, which is only possible if the link between developer and customer is done right. Emphasise on the fact that marketing is collaboration and co-creation, not silo work.