Access to ISV programs and Cloud & Security solutions

Friday 21 July, 13:00 - 14:00

The session will delve into the world of Independent Software Vendor (ISV) programs and the breadth of Cloud & Security solutions offered. Participants will gain insights into the benefits of becoming an ISV partner, explore the range of Cloud & Security solutions, and understand how these programs can accelerate business growth and enhance security measures.

Key Points to be Covered:
Becoming an ISV Partner:

- Eligibility criteria and requirements for joining ISV programs.
- Enhancing Security with cloud Solutions:
- Maximizing Business Growth Opportunities:
- Partnering with Vendor and Networking Opportunities:
- Exploring avenues for collaboration and co-selling with partner network.

Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of ISV programs and the array of Cloud & Security solutions provided. They will learn how to leverage these programs and solutions to enhance their product offerings, strengthen their security posture, and unlock business growth opportunities within partner ecosystem.