Blue Teaming in CyberSecurity

Friday 21 July, 15:00 - 16:00

A session of blue teaming in Cyber Security will explore the defense side of cybersecurity.

The world of attackers is evolving each second with new threats and risks and with me, you will explore how smartly these attacks are being tackled on a daily, weekly and monthly basis by cybersecurity companies in the world.
During the session we will discuss some red teaming v/s blue teaming , the defense tactics used by security experts and cybersecurity tools that companies and hackers use.
Additionally, we will also dive into some DevSecOps and the advantage of coding in the field of security.

We will equally discuss some career paths in the cybersecurity field, specially for beginners and intermediates who wish to switch to security with their existing experience.

At the end of the session, some important resources will also be shared with attendees as to how they can start learning real world blue teaming and get to defend against real world hacks.