Using Emerging Technologies to promote a better lifestyle and safer environment.

Thursday 20 July, 11:00 - 12:00

This session will cover on how we can use emerging technologies to promote a better lifestyle by discovering the following innovative ideas:

- IOT in Agriculture.
We shall be explaining how sensors such as pH sensors, humidity sensors, mineral sensors among others, can be used to collect data of physical parameters and map the data with data analytic tools for a better insight about crop yield. Also implementing the usage of Drones to capture and analyse the leaves quality in large scale farming.

- AI Modelling of patterns to detect anomalies in machinery.
Explaining how a sensor with a smart embedded system can detect abnormal vibration patterns on machines and help with proactive maintenances to prevent disruption in machine operations.

- Chatbot ecosystems assisting users in case of accidents.
Making use of Natural Language Processing to handle conversations and provide focused assistance to people in a crisis situation.

- IOT sensors to monitor and alert in case of flooding.
Showcasing an IOT device in action by collecting data samples and sending emails/sms when threshold limits are exceeded. Also, explaining how the IOT chain works. The demo will consist of an Ultrasonic Level Sensor monitoring the water level, hereby simulating a water body during flood seasons.

The goal of our presentation is to show the evolution of technology and show that the Mauritian IT Industry can be more than just the conventional web/application development providing support to existing legacy projects and IT infrastructure.